Sunday, April 19, 2009

At The Rally, Rain, Sleet and Oh Yes Snow

Here we are in Albuquerque the middle of April and we have snow, not just one day but for 2 days.  No accumulation but wet and sloppy.  Most of our activities are outside, BURRRR.

There are 3000 MH and over 7500 people attending The Rally.


This is the area we are parked in, you have to enjoy yours neighbors for a few days. 


This is another section of MH which extends all the way to the right of the picture.

Washer 012 

Takes 3 people to cook a dessert in the propane oven.  It did get a little overdone (burnt is the word)  Maybe we had to many cooks.  I was the one that was making the dish and should have been watching more closely.  We ate it and it was okay.

We have had some nice days.  Not all cold and snow. 

Every night the Rally has entertainment, Friday night it was Neil Sedaka.  He put on a wonderful show, sang Calendar Girl, Oh Carol, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, and many more songs.  At 70 he is can move around that stage pretty darn good. 

Neil 013


Hooked up with friends at the rally for happy hour.  Nancy and Charles Minnesota, Sandy and Steve (Washington), Bob and Marilyn Evans (Canada), and Paula and Tom.  We have added to our list of friends Karen and Reynold Brix (Minnesota).  


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