Friday, April 24, 2009

Matt Dillon and Miss Kitty

Dodge City Kansas
Wednesday April 22nd

As much as I love th desert it is nice to see green grass and trees with leaves. Sure hope MN is as green as KS. We pretty much have been staying off the freeways and driving the secondary roads.  The small towns and farming communities are so scenic.     

Dodge City KS cowboy capital of the world, so says the town.  We went thru the museum and the replica for Front street circa 1870, built in 1958.


Found Miss Kitty’s Salon DSC_0252














The salon was closed to early in the morning for a drink.

Mike behind bars


He looks so happy in jail, should I let out?  Only if promises to be good.

Next stop boot hill.




We left Dodge at high noon and headed to Missouri.  Drove 400 miles and stopped for the night at a rest area just north of Cameron Missouri.


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