Friday, April 10, 2009

Vietnam Memorial And Chloride NM

Thursday April 9th

Okay nobody told me I was putting the wrong month on my posts.  You guys have to catch things like that for me.

Truth Or Consequences has a beautiful Veterans Memorial Park.  It has memorial to all veterans, but the most amazing site is the Vietnam wall.


The half-scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington DC  was a traveling exhibit that ended in TorC New Mexico.  The Wall Traveled to over 300 US cities and Ireland.  Mike being a vet of the Vietnam conflict wanted to visit the site.  I have to say it was pretty inspiring, brought tears to my eyes.    


We traveled about an hour to the town of Chloride New Mexico, a classic, old west ghost town.  Chloride started as a silver mining town in 1880.  It boomed in 1886.  It is now considered a ghost town although 10 people live there fulltime.  There are about 30 original building left out of 300.  Some of the building are being restored by the Edmund family. 



Don and Dona first visited Chloride in 1976 and fell in love with the town and the people living there at the time.  They bought a home in town, remolded it.  When Don retired from IBM in 1985, they lived fulltime in Chloride, and started buying and refurbishing the old buildings. Their daughter now lives in town, and she was our tour guide.   What wonderful stories she had to tell us about the old timers and the history of the town.  I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable tours we have been on.


The hanging tree, no one was actually hung from the tree, but that is what the towns people call it.



If you want to learn and see more of the town here is web site. Chloride New Mexico

We arrived back in TorC about 4PM and stopped to eat at Barbeque on Broadway.  Be really hungry or ready to take some food home, because your plate is piled high with the best ribs and sliced brisket. 

Now Mikes sunset from last night.  We really get some of the prettiest sunset here at Elephant Butte Park.


The flowers are beginning to bloom in the desert.


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