Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Soak In The Hot Springs

Friday April 10th

Truth Or Consequences claims the title of Hot Springs Capital of the World because of the large number of spa establishments, and the volume of water available.  We took advantage of one the outdoor spas today.  Mike and I have never been to a hot springs so it was really a treat for us.  We rented a private pool at Riverbend Hot Springs Resort and Spa.   The pool we were in is called Cielo and over looks the Rio Grande River.  The temps in the pools are between 105 and 107, pretty warm.  You don’t want to stay in them for  more then 15 minutes at a time.  Then out for 5 minutes.  We spent an hour soaking and relaxing, what a wonderful afternoon. 


Mike not quite relaxed yet, but he did get there. 

We stopped at a few other spa resorts and they were pretty decrepit, would not want to relax in their pools.  

After our soak we went back to the MH and fixed some nice steaks on the grill for dinner, along with a couple glasses of wine, to finish off a perfect day. 

Mike is now joining me for my walks on the beach in the morning.  The winds have calmed down for most of the day, maybe an hour or so they get a little blustery.   The temps have been just right in the 70s. 

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