Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

Tuesday March 31, 2009

We spent the day driving around and through Monument Valley, and that was not an easy thing to do.  The roads are dirt and rock, and have never seen a grater.  After the first mile I was ready to have Mike turn around, but we kept going.  It was worth it.  Monument Valley is regarded as one of the scenic wonders of the world.  

Get ready to sit through tons of pictures


A view from the lookout point.  You can see the road and I believe it was over 10 miles thru the area.


Me at the lookout.


Another view from the lookout.


The left and right mitten.  You so have to use your imagination a little to see why the monuments are named as they are.


The North Window, another of Mikes great pictures.


A view of a few monuments.


Totem Pole



You can go horse back riding among the monuments.  Try to talk Mike into that one. 


The Three Sisters. 

Monument Valley was a favorite for director John Ford.  He filmed a lot of John Wayne movies in the area.


You will have to definitely click on this picture to enlarge.  This is the lodge, viewing area and visitor center.   The name of the lodge is View Lodge.

It was a great trip and only about 20 miles from Goosenecks State Park.  When we got back to the MH it was late and we just relaxed.  Mike does let me do that once in awhile. 


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