Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stuck In The Desert

It rained through out the night and flooded the roads leaving our area.  We had planned on meeting friends in Yuma today and drive into the Yuma fair grounds together.  The best laid plans have changed.   Hopefully the road will dry up and we can get out sometime today.  When you park in the desert you take a chance of this happening. 


Our Camping spot in the desert, pretty isolated.  We actually are parked with about 8 other couples, just not real close.

P1050089 P1050086 Poncho and Chorizo.

P1050090  This is Indi, born on the 4th of July.


Walker is a neck warmer for his master.  Sorry forgot her name.  Boy that is bad when you remember the dogs names and not the human.  I better work on that. 



Anonymous said...

I do so enjoy your blog. Mike must be busy, no pictures of his scenery.

Jim and Bobbie said...

The doggie's name is Walker. Cute little thing and very adventurous.

We enjoy being with you again.