Sunday, March 14, 2010

We Headed West

Mike Called Robert Christ RV, about our warranty work, we were able to wait until we return to Apache Junction in April.  We have a 30 day warranty on the MH and that is up the 17th or March, but Robert Christ RV was kind enough to extend it for us.

We are boondocking about 35 miles from nowhere, actually Yuma AZ is 35 miles west and El Central California is 35 miles east.  We are in California at Tamarisk BLM land (bureau of land management)

Before we left the Gypsy Journal Rally we got   a picture of our small group.


Sandy and Steve, Nancy and Charles, Me and Mike, Deb and Charlie.  What a good time we all had.  That is our MH in the back ground.


The border between Arizona and California.  After going thru this stop we had the border patrol looking for illegal's and traffic was really backed up for that. 


No amenities here, no electric, water just a dumpster for your trash.  There is 5 MH parked in the area and we know them all.  We are only a mile or so from the Mexican border. 


Right behind us is a dam and hydro electric plant.

We plan on spending 10 days in this area before we leave for San Diego. 

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