Monday, November 16, 2009

Mike And I Take A Road Trip And Lizzy Goes To State


Friday Mike and I headed down to southern MN, Fairmount, to pick up an awning for the slide on the MH.  300 miles round trip, wish we had been in the MH, you get a little spoiled traveling in comfort and a on board bathroom.  

P1040722 P1040725 We stopped for lunch at Grace’s Mexican Restaurant in Owatonna.  The food was unbelievable and moderately priced.  Mike had a chili burrito, does that look good or what.  Grace the owner waited on us, and at first Mike ordered a chimichanga, Grace said no if you have never eaten here before you have to have a chili burrito. Mike was not going to argue with her, and he order the burrito, turned out to be a good choice.  Grace told him next time he can order anything he wants.  I also had a burrito, that was so good. 

Our granddaughter Elizabeth swam in the finals for state swimming qualifications.  She swam in 4 events took a 1st place medal in 3 events and a 5th place medal in the 4th heat. 

In the girls 400 yard freestyle relay her and and the other 3 swimmers broke the sections record and the school record.  We are so proud of her.

The State finals are this weekend so you can bet Mike and I will be there cheering her and the team on.  She will be swimming in 3 events at state.

P1040739   She’s so fast it’s just a blur.  Or maybe grandma had the camera on the wrong setting. 


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