Friday, November 6, 2009

We Are Getting Out Of The Motor Home

Mike and I are going are gong our separate ways this weekend.  Mike is going to the deer shack in Hoveland, MN, with 15 other guys, to drink, talk stupid and lose his money playing poker.  Deer hunting season opens here in MN this weekend.  No one at the deer shack hunts, no one even brings a gun, just a guy get together.  Farting and belching will be the entertainment for the weekend, I’m sure.    

Me on the other hand is doing a girls weekend in Pine City, MN at our friends Cheryl's house.  We do this every year in November.  It will only be four of us, but we do have a good time. Lots of good food, we all bring something to share.  Unlike the guys we drink a moderate amount of wine, never talk stupid, only intelligent conversations take place.  As for gambling we play farckle much more fun.  Farting and belching I don’t think so, we are ladies and we would never think of doing that. 

What happens at Cheryl’s house stays at Cheryl’s house.  I will take pictures, but they will be edited before posting.  What can 4 ladies all in their 60’s do that would be so bad.  We will try to come up with something. 

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