Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Benson AZ

We found what we were looking for warm temps in the 70s and sunshine.  We always spend time at the Escapees Saguaro RV park here in Benson.  I think we will be staying at least a week, we love this park.  The lots are huge and the club house is beautiful.  The cats really like looking out the windows at the wildlife, bunnies and birds everywhere.

P1040839 P1040844


TT likes to play, and stormy is not that crazy about it.  She gets backed into the corner a few times a day.

Gordy and Jackie from Balsam, called today, they are in Benson at the park just down the street from ours.  What a surprise that was.  We are going to visit this evening and maybe have a few glasses of wine. 

Mike is washing the MH today, he is always busy doing something.  Wish he would just sit and relax for a day. 

As I sit here writing a half dozen road runners just ran past the window, TT got excited and tried to jump thru the window.  Thought he was going to knock himself out.  He is not like stormy and can open the door.  Hope he never learns that trick, he is much easier to keep inside, Stormy gets out every chance she can. 

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