Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Doctor Appointment

Wednesday January 20th 2010

When we were home over Christmas, I had an appointment with our family doctor, she did some blood work and found my liver and kidney functions were not what they should be.  She recommend I make a doctor appointment here in AZ to have things checked out.

As long as we were in the Phoenix area what better place to go then the Mayo Clinic.   I called and had an appointment in less the 2 weeks.  I saw the specialist and had some blood work done.  The results were not what we had expected, so back for more tests.  Feb. 1st I have an ultra sound on my liver and more blood work.  I will not know the results until the 8th of Feb. when I see the doctor again. 

The clinic is not close to our RV park, 48 miles north of Apache Junction.  My appointment was at 7am so we were on the road at 6:50, we were not sure what rush hour traffic would be like.  No problem we made it in just under and hour.  We were on the road home by 11 am. 

Everyone at the Mayo were wonderful, friendly and helpful.  If you look like you don’t know were your going someone is there to help you.

We stopped for lunch, I was starving after fasting for 30 hours.  I knew I would die if I didn’t eat soon. Now Mike is getting a little obsessed with the Dinner, Drive-In and Dives thing.  We stopped at another one, Matt’s big breakfast, and it was a huge breakfast and so good. 

P1040962  P1040963


We were lucky we arrived between breakfast and lunch, the place is very small and very popular.  The food was excellent and the staff was fun and friendly.  We had a wonderful time, it is a great place. 

Later that evening we went over to Dave and Sandi’s place for happy hour.


From left to right Sandi, Mike, Val, Lee Ann, Ken, Bob and Dave.  They have the perfect patio for happy hour. 


After happy hour Ken and Lee Ann stopped over for a game of Mexican train, which Mike won. 

The next two days the sky opened up and it rained and rained.  The wind blew, the rain blew and it was pretty nasty.  Highways were shut down, washes were flooded, trees were blown down, roofs came off houses.  In the end it was quite the mess.  Today it is warm and sunny.

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