Friday, February 5, 2010

More Fun In Apache Junction

We watched the Vikings play their last game of the season.  Would have been nice to see them go to the Supper Bowl, maybe next year.  

P1040973 P1040976

The party was at Lee Ann’s sister and brother-in-laws place, Kathy and Rob.  They rented a house in AZ for the winter.  Ken again with the women, how he manages that everywhere we go I'm not sure.  He does seem to be having fun.

On Wednesday we took a trip to an Olive Mill. I forgot my camera but Lee Ann had her phone and took some pictures.  The place was pretty amazing, didn’t know they grew olives in AZ. 

Queen Creek Olive Mill Olives

We were able to sample the olives stuffed with everything from garlic to cheese.  They must make 20 different verities.  More olive oil flavors then you can imagine.  Of course we wanted to keep the economy going so we bought a few items.  Actually more then a few, they also had fresh baked breads, cakes, and cupcakes.  We bought a loaf of bread and olive oil blood orange cupcakes that were to die for. 

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