Friday, February 26, 2010

Still In Apache Junction

Okay how many time have I said we were just about ready to leave here and head to Yuma, to many for me to count.  Well we will be here a while longer, we took the MH in for a few tweaks yesterday, seems they have to order some parts and they will not be in until next week.  I also had to leave my microwave convection oven there to be repaired.  Does that mean no cooking. 

While they were working on the MH Mike and I went to a movie.  We saw Valentines Day.  Very funny we enjoyed it.  Picked the MH up about 4:00 just in time for rush hour traffic.  The repair shop is in Mesa about 20 miles from the park. 

Wednesday afternoon friends Steve and Sandy Allgire  came for a visit to check out the new MH and play Mexican Train.  They are staying in the Peoria area and are also going to the rally in Yuma.  We may be traveling together. 

P1050066  P1050067

They brought their dog, Yoda, to play with the Stormy and TT.  Guess how that went, actually they got along pretty good.

Mike made chicken on the grill for dinner and we continued to play Mexican Train into the evening. It was another great visit with friends.

I will not say when we are leaving, I will just make a post when we arrive.

Have I mentioned how warm and sunny it is here.  Just for all our friends and relatives in MN.

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