Sunday, January 24, 2010

Keeping Busy

We started the week with a visit to Tortilla Flat, a small town in the Superstition mountains.  Over a hundred years ago the place was a thriving stage coach stop on the Apache Trail. Travelers and Freight wagons stopped over night on the way to Roosevelt Dam.  In 1904 the population was 125, today 6 people live in Tortilla Flat.  Never made it as a thriving town I guess. 

We walked the town, which takes less then 5 minutes and then stopped in the restaurant for a hamburger.  The town and restaurant were more interesting then the food believe me.  

P1040956 P1040955

P1040948 P1040954


Every wall and empty space in the place has dollar bills attached.  The dollar bills are left by people from all over the world.  What you see today on the walls is the collection from May 1988 following the fire in 1987.  The custom started years ago because the local regulars who worked on the Salt River Dams used to pin up their card and dollar bill behind the bar.  then some of the tourists picked up on the idea.  Currencies from 67 countries are on the walls.

On our way to the flats we stopped at Canyon lake for the view.

P1040940 P1040943


It was an overcast day, but the rain did hold off for us.  They are still predicting a winter storm for this week.

Tuesday we did a little shopping and stopped at another Dinner Drive-In and Dives restaurant for a late lunch.  Joe’s Farm Grill.

P1040958  P1040961


Most of the ingredients are grown organically right on the farm.  Everything was exceptional and fresh tasting.  We ate outside in the picnic grounds.  They had some of the biggest trees I have ever seen in AZ.  We definitely will be coming back here for more meals. 

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