Sunday, January 10, 2010

Keeping Busy And Having Fun With Friends

The RV park put on a fish fry Friday night.  We invited Gordy and Jackie to join us in the club house for some delicious food.  We did have a few choices for our meal fish or chicken, fries or baked potatoes, cowl slaw and lots of deserts to choose from.  I baked a carrot cake from a box but it was really good.  Lots of fun and laughs were had by all.

Saturday we all went exploring, someone had told Gordy about a bar in Dragoon AZ that was built around a huge boulder.  Gordy and Jackie picked up in Gordy’s truck for the trip, he loves this truck. P1040864 

We didn’t really have good directions, so we stopped in the town of
Dragoon for directions, and had to back track a couple of miles.

saloon1 P1040865 

This is not just a saloon it is a ranch located in the foothills of the Dragoon mountains.  It is in a canyon with huge boulders surrounding the place.  It’s called the Triangle T Ranch.  The rock formations are unbelievable, thus the saloon built around one of the boulders.  P1040863   P1040870
The rock formation on the right, is suppose to look like Geronimo and his wife.  Not sure if I see it but Mike and Jackie could make it out. 

P1040869 P1040868

Our bartender on the right, was a character.  Had a good time talking to her.  We stayed for lunch, the food was not to bad.  The cook was the bartenders husband.   Not sure if he had ever cooked before but he gave it a pretty good try. 

Another good day with friends..

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