Monday, March 30, 2009

Horseshoe Bend & Antelope Point Marina

Saturday March 28th

We spent the day being tourists again.  Our first stop was Horseshoe Bend.  It was a 1 1/2 mile hike to the spot, up hill both ways.


This is our starting point.


That is not a road it is the hiking path.  We are headed to the hole in the ground in the center of the picture.


This is our destination Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River.  Pictures just do not show how truly amazing these places are.  You had to get right on the edge of the cliff to get good pictures, and I got pretty close.


This is as close to the edge as Mike wanted to be.


People were camping down on the river.  I did get pictures of boats going by but they didn’t really come out that good.


Critter sighting, who said we don’t see wildlife on our hikes.


Back up the hill and down the other side. 

Onto our next stop Antelope Point Marina.  Now this is a fancy place.  They have valet service to take your stuff to your boat slip.  We went to see the restaurant on the one acre floating Island surrounded by floating fountains.   Jadi Tooh is the name, pretty sure it is a Navajo name. 

We spent a few hours checking out the boats in the marina and having lunch. 


The restaurant coming down the hill.  You get picked up in the parking lot and driven down to the marina and restaurant.


The road, more like a bridge going down to the lake.  This is at about the halfway point.  Only golf carts are allowed to drive on the bridge road.


The windows on the side toward the lake open up like garage doors, very unique.


I was amazed at all the gas pumps they had, but then this marina is huge and just about all the boats are monstrous houseboats.


One of the hundreds of boats at the marina.  This one is about the average size. 

They do have houseboats you can rent for 7 days at the low price of $12,900.  Of course you can rent a smaller one for just $9,000 for the week.  Maybe next year, after Mike wins the lottery.  He will have to start buying tickets to win I guess.




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