Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lone Rock Camping

Tuesday March 24th


You can camp anywhere you want in this area.  We only have a couple of neighbors, but they are so far away they look like specks.  A few people come and go with Kayaks.  The Area is pretty secluded.   We can see a few fishermen on the lake.  This is a good time of year for crappies, most people come here for the bass fishing.



Stormy had some visitors stop by to see her.  DSC_0073

Oh boy these are bigger then the mouse I caught!  Dinner time.


I took a walk on the beach and Mike went into town to pick our mail up at the post office.  Twice a month we have it sent to us general delivery to a town we are close to.  Mail day is always so exciting, I love to get mail.  Our bills are paid on line so we never get any in the mail, and our mail forwarding service pretty much takes care of the junk mail, so what's left is all good stuff.

Well we almost never get bills in the mail unless it is a speeding ticket from the state AZ.  Mike got caught on camera when him and Steve went to the drag races in Phoenix.  $185.00, he was going 66 in a 55. Enough said I will never bring it up again.  HAHA

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