Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hoover Dam March 19

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Thursday we did a day trip in the truck to Hoover Dam.  It was about 45 miles from Echo Bay Resort, but took us one and half hours.  The roads are not the best.  Had to go thru some mountain passes very curvy and steep. 

Boy has the area around the bridge changed over the years.  The bridge is the same although they are building a new one.


Never did find out when the new bridge was scheduled to be finished.  Looks like a few years from the photo.


The parking ramp is on the left and the observation tower is on the right.  You have to pay $7.00 to park in the ramp, and it is the only place to park.  To enter the visitor center it is $8.00 if I remember right.  If you purchase tickets for the tours you may enter the visitor center for free.  They had 2 tours $11.00 and a $30.00.  We choose the $11.00 tour to see the tunnels and generators up close and a few other things.




Hoover Dam Memorial.


If you look to your left you can see the white on the rocks.  That is how much the water level is down in the river.  Lake Mead is also way down and will show pictures of that area latter. 

Oh boy no history of the Dam.  I figured everybody pretty much has some knowledge of Hoover Dam.  


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