Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Heading For Lower Elevation

Monday March 23, 2009

We woke up Monday morning the snow storm had past and the sun was shinning.  We had breakfast at Jacob Lake Inn, they were nice enough to let us stay in their parking lot so we would give them our business.  And besides we were hungry.


While eating breakfast we met a couple from South St. Paul, MN just across the river from our home,  Rick and Sue.  They were on a 2 week vacation and wanted to see the Grand Canyon.  They were very disappointed that the road was closed and could not get to it.  Rick owns a State Farm Insurance agency, not sure what Sue did.  We had a enjoyable time taking about all the adventures a person has when traveling.  Thanks for the company guys.


We left the top of the mountain about 10:30, most of the snow was melted on the roads and the plows did run all night, we know that for a fact.

Our next stop was Page AZ, but we found many things of interest to stop and see on the way.


Lees Ferry is down river from Glen Canyon Dam.  This natural corridor was the only place a wagon road could be built to connect Utah and Northeastern AZ.   This was the site of the first Colorado river crossing, 1873-1896. 



Most of the river is very calm, just a few spots were there are some rapids. 

Today Lees Ferry has a ranger station, campground, boat launch, dock and a fish cleaning station.  The campground is really nice but not set up for large MH. 


The campground is perfect for tents and small trailers.

Arrived in Page AZ late in the afternoon, we only drove 109 miles today but it seemed like forever.  Stopped at the visitor center to find a camping spot.  They had plenty of places to choose from.  The first one I called was $48.00 a night, I told her it was just a little bit out of my budget.  The second call was to a ranger station and they have camping at Lone Rock Recreational area for just $4.00 a night, that's the price I like, almost free.

Why do they call it Lone Rock?  There is rock right in the middle of Lake Powell.


I do have to mention Evil Kitty caught a mouse last night.  Mike was so proud he gave her extra treats. 

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