Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A mouse In The House

We found signs that we have a mouse in the MH.  Not a good thing, but we have a cat to take care of it.   Maybe someone's cat would take care of it but not ours.  Stormy would rather nap, she’s not a working cat.  I guess she thinks she's  retired just like the rest of us.  OOPS there goes the trap, one down, how many more to go.  They grow the mice big out here in the west, real big yuck.


Mike keeps taking pictures of the sunset so I have to keep posting them here on the blog. 


I guess he is looking for the perfect sunset.  The evenings have been just perfect here in Tucson.  DSC_0016

We had company for dinner last night Carol and Steve 44 and Sandy and Steve..  We met Carol and Steve 44 earlier when we were in Quartzsite, and we have stayed in touch.  They are staying at an RV park in the Tucson area.  

I tried a new recipe out on them,  turned out really good.  Creamy Fettuccine with Italian Sausage and Leeks.  I will certainly make this on again. 


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