Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mike Is Upset

We left Quartzsite today and are on way to Laughlin NV. 

Mike is just a bit unhappy with me.  I posted pictures of the Naked Book Seller, but not of his catch of the day.  His dead mouse in the trap.  I told him not everybody wants to see your road kill. 

We made it to Laughlin, traveled up highway 95 on the AZ side to follow the Colorado River.  Glad we did because it was a nice scenic drive.


The pictures are all taken out the windshield of the MH so not the best.  This is a pic. of the Buckskin Mountains.  Some flowers on the side of the road and a few yellow, purple and white ones in the Mountains.


One of the many RV parks and marinas along the Colorado River.


Lake Havasu just coming into town.  We were here 4 years ago, and has it grown since then.  A fairly new city, stated building in 1964.


Here we are in Laughlin.  Found our parking lot and got the MH set up in time for happy hour.   Went to a Prime Rib Dinner and back to the MH by 8:00.  We are such party animals, not many people can keep up with us. 

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