Thursday, March 26, 2009

Glen Canyon Bridge and Dam, Page AZ

Wednesday March 25th

Another day another tour.  I think I have been on enough tours for awhile.  Okay one more.

Glen Canyon Dam is on the Colorado River, and forms Lake Powell.  It  was constructed between 1956 and 1965. Glen Canyon Dam  The dam is 701 feet high and 1520 feet in length. 



Mike on top of the dam.

Our tour took us in an elevator down over 500 feet inside the dam.  To the generator area.  Wish I could tell more about the generators but I really didn’t listen that closely to our guide.  I was getting hungry and wanted to eat lunch. 



On top of the dam looking down.


Unlike Hoover Dam traffic does not cross the river over the dam.


The Glen Canyon Bridge which is 865 feet down river from the dam.  The road is 700 feet above the Colorado River.  The bridge construction was started in 1957 and finish 1959.  The bridge provided a way for workers equipment and supplies to cross the canyon during the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam.


We have been in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area the last few days.  Lake Powell is part of the Glen Canyon area.  The lake is 186 miles longs with sandy beaches and the red rock scenery is amazing. 

Not sure how long we are going to be here, lots to see and do, but the wind is just horrific. 




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