Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Death Valley Day 4 March 14th

We took a day off from being tourist and just vegged.  Pretty much did nothing but read and take naps.  Being a tourist is very tiring especially when it is so warm.

I do have some pictures of other things we saw in Death Valley. 


Flowers on the side of the road taken from the windshield of the car.


Parking lot camping, this was one of the many campgrounds in Death Valley.  For $12.00 a day you got a spot to park in the dirt.   Our MH on the left, Steve and Sandy’s on the right.


This is a picture Mike took at sunrise of Steve taking a picture of the sunrise.


Mike taking a picture of his shadow.  He is becoming some kind of photographer. 

You have to bring all your food and water with you into the Valley.  They really don’t have much for a store.  I ran out of Miracle Whip and was going to pick up a jar at the general store, well it was $6.79 for the small 15oz jar.  No thank you.  

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