Tuesday, March 31, 2009

On Our Way To The Land Of Oz

Sunday March 29th

The day stated out just beautiful warm and sunny.  I sat outside on the beach and read my book while Mike polished the MH.  Then it happened, the worst wind storm we have ever experienced.  Not sure what the guts got to, but I was saying my prayers and kissing Mike goodbye.  It blew for hours, and there is so much red dust in the MH, I’m not sure how I will get it cleaned up. 

Stormy thought she was going to meet Toto, and I was pretty sure the MH was going to be on the yellow brick road.  It started at 1PM and ended around 9PM, way to long for me. 

Pretty sure Mike’s polish job got sandblasted away.  We came out of the storm okay no major damage other then my nerves. 

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