Sunday, March 22, 2009

Echo Bay Resort, Lake Mead NV

We spent two nights at Echo Bay Resort on Lake Mead.  The resort was okay, the people are very friendly.  A little pricy for us at $26.00 a night, guess it makes up for all the free camping we do.   P1020286






The picture above shows you the high water mark,  the lake has been really low the last few years, lack of rain and snow in the mountains.


The boat ramp going down to the lake.  Not sure how many times this has been added onto, it has to be 3/8 of a mile long now..



I just thought these are the coolest little boats. 


Mike and Stormy working on my recliner, it needed to be restrung. 

It sure was nice having all the amenities for 2 days.  After here we are headed to more BLM no more easy life. 

I went for a walk in the morning and saw 6 burrows messing around in the valley.  Sorry no pictures I forgot my camera. 


Not sure if I had posted this picture of the sunset from our campsite at Echo Bay Resort, but if I did here it is again. 

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