Friday, March 27, 2009

Wahweap Campground and Marina

Thursday March 26th

We had to check out the campground that was charging $46.00 a night.  It is just up the road from us about 5 miles.


There are about 200 campsites very small and close together.  You would have to drive to the lake and Marina area.


The Ravens liked the campground they were everywhere.


Most of the boating on the lake is done with house boats.  You can rent them at Wahweap and other marinas on Lake Powell.

Went into town today and did laundry and grocery shopping.  Prices in small towns sure are high, I know they are high everywhere but small towns are really pricey.  

I have a few of my favorite pictures that I have not put in any blogs so I will insert them into this one. 

This area is called Balance Rock and is near Lees Ferry.



These rocks appear to be balanced on a pedestal, but the pedestal is of weaker rock which has worn away at a much faster pace than the solid rocks above.  Geologists say it’s only a matter of time before the rocks fall. 

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