Sunday, March 22, 2009

Virgin River

March 21 2009   I posted two blogs today, we are traveling in an area with internet.  I can do this while Mike is driving.

The Virgin River is just north of Littlefield AZ and South of St. George UT.  Just a quite little campground (BLM land)  and the price is right.  Took a little doing to get here, Mike had to take the MH four wheeling again. 


We had to follow the pace truck thru the construction.


More of the road work.


Mike doing what he does best relaxing in his recliner.



The last two pictures are looking out the MH  windows at our campsite, what a view we have.


We had baby lizards everywhere.  Stormy thought they were pretty cool, although they would not play with her.


Finally a picture of the river.  I got up at sunrise 6:30 am, and went for a walk along the river and got some pretty good shots.  Do you think I may be getting sick or something. 


 This is when the sun was just coming up hardly a cloud in the sky.


Some of the rock formations are just amazing, how do they balance on the other rocks.


A little wildlife on the walk, I ran into a bunch of quail.  They can really scurry fast when they here you coming. 

No sight seeing today, we drove into St George, Mike broke his cell phone and we wanted to replace it.  We stopped at Starbucks coffee so I could post the blogs to the internet that I had finished last night using the generator.  

We have no cell or internet service in this area so when we get closer to a City I will be posting more blogs. 


One more picture from my hike, a cactus just about ready to bloom.

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