Thursday, July 29, 2010

Montreal, Canada

Thursday July 22, 2010

This is were speaking French would come in handy.   All of Québec speaks French, and my high school French does not get us beyond hello, goodbye, and thank you.   Most everyone does speak some English.

We are staying at a very nice Passport America campground about 15 miles from downtown Montreal.

Friday we headed to Montreal with our GPS in hand.   There were so many detours that it was hard to follow the GPS, but we found what we wanted.  It was $20.00 to park for 3 hours or more.  Boy this is an expensive country.  We started in the old part of Montreal and you can do a walking tour with a map of the city. 

Our first stop was the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal, one of the most beautiful churches we have been in.  Celine Dion was married in this church back in the 90’s. 

It was $5.00 a person to go thru the church.  Never had to pay to see a church, that was a first, but it was well worth it.

P1060725  P1060728     

The main alter and a side alter.  There is also a back Alter that is used as the wedding chapel. 


The wedding chapel,  you have to be a pretty famous person to get married in the main church. 


The pipe organ is 5th largest in the world ( I think, see I need my internet).  Maybe I should take notes.

The next church also was Catholic, but forgot the name. 

P1060711  P1060716

We have been to many churches in Europe and the churches here in Montreal are very close to being as magnificent. 


After going thru about 6 churches we needed a rest and a glass of wine.  Had to sit and do a little people watching also.  It rained on and off all day, but never a down pour.  We got a little wet and neither of us melted.

Onto China Town.

DSC_0038 DSC_0035


China Town was a busy place, we didn’t spend to much time here.

P1060693 P1060741

Mike resting by a fountain.  The Royal Bank Building.

P1060706 P1060703

P1060702 DSC_0048 One more glass of wine before heading back to the MH.

We spent the day just walking around this area of town,  Saturday we will find another area to explore.

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