Monday, July 26, 2010

Two Days Of Rest In Prescott Ontario


We left Ottawa on Tuesday the 20th drove 54 miles to Prescott Ontario.  Checked into a beautiful campground for 2 nights, wow, electricity, sewer and water, all in one place.  We are just going to veg for a couple of days before heading to Montreal. 

The campground is on the St. Lawrence River, just across from Ogdensburg NY.  The campground had Wi-Fi for a charge and I posted to the blog the first few days of trip.  Hopefully we will find an internet cafe or someplace with Wi-fi so I can upload the next couple of blogs I have written. 


The bridge going over the St. Lawrence River to NY.  This is the view we had from our MH. 

    The campground had a resident black squirrel, he new Stormy and Lucy were in the MH, he spent a lot of time outside the window teasing them.  Drove them absolutely crazy.


Lucy has a favorite toy, a stuff Mini Mouse dressed in a hula skirt.  She fights with it all the time. 

Only once did we leave the campground,  had to go into town and get wine and beer.  A case of beer was $48.00, that will be the last case we buy in Canada.  The wine was $12.00, $7.00 more then I pay for the same thing in the states.  They really add on the tax to liquor in Canada.  When we were in Ottawa we stopped at a little outdoor cafe for a drink, Mike had 2 beers and I had 2 glasses of the cheapest wine they had, the bill came to $30.00.

The weather has been hot and unstable.   Ran into many thunderstorms toward the evenings.  Late Tuesday afternoon we had hail the size of half dollars pound us for a few minutes, and the rain was torrential. The MH has a little problem during the heavy rain storms, seems to spring a few leaks.  That’s okay one more thing for Mike to do.  I would hate for him to run out of projects. 

We met a wonderful couple from Ontario, they were visiting relatives in the area.  Early Tuesday afternoon they invited us over for a glass of his home made wine.  It was really good, usually home made wine is just to sweet for me, but this was wonderful.  We got to meet their 5 cats.  Wow 5 cats in a MH that has to be a little crowded.  They do own a house and just travel occasionally, the cats seem to enjoy it.     

We had a nice rest and now we back on the road.

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