Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dad Is Getting Stronger

Dad is home, and doing better then expected, he has such a strong constitution.  I do spend a good part of day with him making sure he takes his medication and giving him his injections.  Tomorrow I will be taking him to see his doctor, and hopefully he will be going off some of the meds. 

I have sort of adopted a new kitty.  It actually belongs to the neighbor, but he likes to spend his time in the MH.  I think he wants to be a travel and see the world.  Stormy is not real happy with the new kitty, she is trying her hardest to tolerate it, but it’s tough.  I will get some pictures of the new kitty Tee Tee. 

We have had unseasonably warm weather this past week, it has been in the 80s and sunny.  A little on the warm side for me, but I won’t complain.


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