Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Life Has Changed


Last Saturday we got a phone call from our son, Rich, that my dad was having some problems with his health. We hopped in the truck and left for home.   They admitted him to the hospital with pneumonia and heart problems.  The top half of his heart is beating to fast and his heart is enlarged.   He also has some blockage in one of the arteries.

He will be going home today, which will be nice as I have been spending days and nights in the hospital with him.  I didn’t want him to be alone to much.  He will have a home health care nurse coming in for a week or so, and many appointments with a cardiologist, trying to get his heart rhythm back to normal. 

Mike went back to the lake on Sunday to pick up the MH.  Our son-in-law Dave went with him to help pack thinks up, as we will not be going back this year.  Dave and Mike arrived home last night about 7:00 PM.  Mike is pretty exhausted form all the driving lately. 

All morning I have been watching videos on dads heart problems and how to deal with them.  So many new medications and injections I will be giving him.  I a 100 page book of instructions on how to handle everything.  Sure hope I remember it all. I will. 

We will be pretty busy for the next couple of weeks, but we will all get thru it fine.  A few prayers for my dad would be wonderful.  Thanks everyone.



Bob and Molly said...

Hi Sandy...sorry to hear about your Dad...and prayers coming your way!! Hope to see you guys on the road soon!
Molly & Bob

Chasingthe70s said...

We hope all goes well and his heart straightens out.