Monday, August 31, 2009

A Beautiful Day At The Lake

Sunday August 30th 2009  Big Balsam Lake and Resort

Can you guess what Mike did today, yep worked on the bathroom in cabin 7.  He did get some fishing in after dinner.  He didn’t bring home dinner for tomorrow night, so he gets chicken.

I worked on a new hardanger project today.  Carol and I sat in the sun and did our needle work most of the afternoon. 

We had some visitors today.  We heard this horrible noise coming from the hill in front of the MH.  We all got up to find out what it was, and this is what we saw.

DSC_0009 DSC_0007

Two young bald eagles, what a nice surprise.  They sure do make a commotion.  We had no idea what was happening, the sound was like nothing we had heard before, lots of screeching, 


Stormy has a new friend, Sidney, Carol and Augies, dog.  A mix of Rottweiler and Beagle.  A very friendly dog, and Stormy likes him about as much as any cat likes a dog.  The hair stands up on her back whenever Sidney comes to visit.  Sidney tries to get Stormy to play with her ball, but like any cat she pretty much ignores the dog.


Mike relaxing after a hard day of working on the bathroom.   This bathroom is also a complete remodel from floor to ceiling.  The bathroom is stripped clean right now.  He is removing all the plastic plumbing and replacing it with copper.  What a job, to bad he is good at it. 

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