Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A One Day Trip And Mike Saves A Life

Wednesday August 28th 2009 Big Balsam Camp and Resort

The one day trip back to the cities (450 miles round trip)was exhausting, but everything was okay.  The doctor removed the stitches and checked to be sure I didn’t do anything harmful to my arm when I fell.  I just have lost of physical therapy ahead of me.  I don’t have to see the doctor for 6 weeks, for check up.  That will be nice no doctors for awhile.

We stopped for lunch and ran into Mikes old boss of 25 years, Al Webster, sure was nice to visit with him for a short time.  He and his wife own a beautiful home in AZ, not from Tucson.  We have been there for dinner and hope to see them again this year. 

Mike did save a life, we had to stop by the house to pick up a few things, and we just about ran into this.  It takes years for a turtle to get this big, and I would just hate for someone to make a game out of killing it. 



Of course I had Mike stop to move him out of the middle of the road.  I know someone would just love to run it over then brag about to all their friends.  Mike borrowed a shovel from a MNDot worker who was sitting in his truck just watching the mud turtle.  First Mike tried to move it with his foot, but he was afraid he was going to loose that leg. 

Not the biggest turtle we have seen in the area, but still a nice size.  We also get plenty of snappers, some twice the size of this mud turtle.  There are a few swamps and ponds in our area, so we have lots of wildlife to watch over.


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Idaho said...

Nah, it doesn't look like a snapper, either. The edge of the shell is too smooth. Why do you think it's a mud turtle?