Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We Found The Lost 40

Monday August 13th Big Balsam Camp and Resort

We headed out early today to do some hiking, and to find the lost 40, which is really the lost 114 acres of 300-400 year old Red and White Pine trees.

We headed north to Big Fork MN. and stopped at Edge of Wilderness Scenic Byway monument.  We got a little history lesson for the day. 

P1040345 P1040355 The inside of a early house boat.

P1040358 P1040360

The outside of the house boat. 

The Edge Of The Wilderness has more then 1,000 lakes and one mighty river nearby.  It is the classic northwoods, fishing camping, trails, winter sports and much more.   It also contains the lost 40 our main purpose for the day.

The lost 40 is considered a unique area in the Chippewa National Forest.  Today less than 2 percent of Minnesota’s forested land is considered old growth. Due to a surveying error back in 1882 this section of forest never was cut.  It originates back to when the pilgrims came to America. 

P1040364 P1040373


Mike’s always trying to be funny.  In the lost 40 there is a very nice hiking trail just over a mile. We did have one problem on the hike, the horse flies.  They were so big they could have carried a human off.  Lots of flora and fauna.  I would love to post more pictures of the greenery, but I will let you off easy just a few.

P1040374 P1040370 

P1040387 P1040385

It was a long ride and we just had to stop for refreshments on the way home.  The restaurant (bar) had a humming bird feeder outside and  had to get a shot.

We arrived back at the MH about 2 pm and our neighbor Carol came over to give me a lesson on Hardanger Embroidery, something I have always wanted to do.  Now I have my chance.  She had all the supplies for my first project.



Shortly after Carol left we got company.  Sandy’s sister Sharon and brother-in-law Bob Thell.  Sharon and Bob were neighbors of ours for many years.  They now spend most of their time in the Florida Keys where they have a home.  What a surprise when they pulled up.  We had dinner together and after dinner we played farkel our favorite dice game.  I think I was the big loser for the night, I lost about 4 bucks.   Sharon and Bob left about 8:30 but will be back tomorrow for lunch and more farkel. 


Sharon and Bob Thell

What a day, very busy but full of fun and surprises.  

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