Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Bad Weather

Friday August 21st 2009 Big Balsam Camp and Resort

The weather has not been very nice.  It rained all the way to the lake, 5 hours of soggy weather.  We left the cities just in time, they had a few tornadoes in the area, some not far from Maplewood.  We drove thru the town of North Branch, MN were a tornado moved the roof of the school.  This happened about 2 hours after we passed by on the freeway. 

We arrived at the lake and it was still raining, rained all day Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday we woke up to clouds and rain again., it did clear up in the afternoon and the sun came out.   

My arm is healing nicely.  I don’t want it to freeze up and have to spend time in physical therapy.  Most of the pain is gone, just some soreness.  I have a very small range of motion with it, but the simple exercises should help with that.  

Mike has not finished the bathroom, but it is getting close. 


Our neighbors here at the lake, Carol and Augie, had us, Gordy and Jackie, and Al for a prime rib dinner.  The best prime rib I ever ate. 


We had baked potatoes, popcorn salad and a green salad.  I ate way to much, I think we all did.


It’s nice to have such wonderful friends where ever we travel.  We have met some of the nicest people since we started our traveling adventure almost to years ago, and it’s great when our old friends visit.  We enjoy going home to visit family and friends as often as we can.  We are very blessed to be living our gypsy life, as Mike calls it. 

Only a couple more weeks left here at the lake, then off to more adventures.  We are thinking the Black Hills, Mike has never been, and it have been 35 years since I last visited the area. 


Stormy has a bug cornered.  Oh boy her afternoon snack.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Will you be going to Quartzsite this winter? We will be there staying with the Boomers. Bobbie