Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Furnace Is Turned On

Sunday August 30, 2009  Big Balsam Camp and Resort

The weather has turned chilly in the evenings.  It has been in the low 40s the last couple of nights.  The days are still enjoyable, warm and sunny.  Some the leaves have started to change up here and things are looking a lot like fall.  

Mike is working on 2 more bathrooms, one in cabin 7 and the other is another men's bathroom and shower for the campground.  He finished and opened the men’s room he had been working on. 

I had a couple of really good days.  Mike is great he always thinks my birthday is the 28th of August.  So he tells Gordy and Jackie and Jackie has a small party with wine, appetizers and strawberry short cake Friday night.  Carol and Augie were invited to the gathering also.

Mike can’t get away with the wrong day, so we also had to celebrate on the 29th my actual Birthday.  We went to dinner at the Pines Restaurant, with Carol and Augie.  We ate and had a few drinks, returned to the resort and sat around the campfire for an evening of telling stories.  Another perfect  day. P1040508

The humming birds have been eating like crazy getting ready to head south for the winter.  Most of the male hummers started their migration south last week, just the juvenile and females are feeding.  A frenzy of feeding, if you walk past the feeders you may get dive bombed by a couple of hummers.  I fell the feeders everyday now and for the next week or so will be trying to keep up with them. 

P1040426 P1040427

P1040484 P1040486

My hardanger lessons have been coming along.  I really enjoy this art form, and it really is an art form if you get good at it like Carol.  She gave me one of her finished pieces for my birthday, plus fabric and thread to keep working.


In return of her teaching me hardanger, I’m helping her make a beaded bracelet.  She has picked up beading faster then I did with the hardanger.  If nothing else we sure have a good time working on our projects together.

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Chasingthe70s said...

's is COLD, time to head south like the humming birds.