Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back At The Lake

Thursday Aug 6th 2009  Big Balsam Camp and Resort

Mike picked me up Wed. afternoon and drove me back up to the lake.  Nice to be back in my own bed. Glad to be back in the MH.

I want to thank my friend Sandy Weis for letting me stay at her house for the 5 days I was in town.  She also loaned me her car to get to my doctor appointments.

Monday morning the doctor removed the cast from my left arm, boy did that feel good.  Then Monday evening they scheduled an MRI on my right shoulder.  Wednesday I went back to the Orthopedic Surgeon, he had the results of the MRI and I have some damage to repair.  The Surgery is scheduled for Monday the 17th of August.  It will be done arthroscopy.  The recovery should only be 6 weeks with some physical therapy.  The Doctor injected Cortisone in the shoulder to help with the pain until surgery.  It has seemed to help some.

Pretty much most of my time was doing doctor appointments, but I did get in a few fun things.  I went to a corn feed with Sandy and Gary on Sunday in Burkhardt WI.  They served over 700 dozen ears of corn and I didn’t ask how many pounds of chicken but pretty sure it had to be in the thousands of pounds.  Ran into a group of friends there I hadn’t seen in some time, that was fun catching up. 

I also had breakfast  with my dad and the Saturday morning breakfast club.  It is such a fun group of people, we always have so much to talk about. 

Mike said it was pretty quiet at the lake, fishing was good and the weather was okay.  Mostly sunny, but a little rain on and off.

P1040267 P1040268

Love this Airstream Travel Trailer, you enter it from the back.  The whole back opens and you can put a 4 wheeler in it, the bed folds up.  Besides the bed it has a sink and that's about it.  I believe it sells for about $24,000.  Sort of looks like a space ship.  It pulled into the campground Saturday just as Sandy and I were leaving.


A sunset Mike got a shot of while I was gone. 

A special note for Lisa and her husband.  Looking forward to meeting you, be sure to stop by and say hi. 


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Lisa said...

Hi Again

This is Lisa from the previous post. So sad that we didnt make it up there as planned. We got 25 miles north of Mcgregor and the fuel module went out of our truck on Saturday afternoon. We ended up being towed back to Mcgregor. Hotel was full so the towing company was nice enough to get us to Savana Portage State Park. The repair bill /towing took up our entire budget for the week so we ended up back home Mid day Tuesday. Not exactly the vacation I had hoped for