Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Arm Is Fixed

Surgery was Monday morning, everything went as expected.  I had a nerve block on my right side, that was something new for me.  What a horrible feeling, the right side of my body from the waist up was completely numb, no feeling what so ever.  It made the right side of face look like I had a stroke, my eye and mouth sagged, in fact I could not open my right eye.  My vocal cords were paralyzed,  no talking for almost 18 hours.  Mike thought that was okay.  My throat was sore from the tube in it during surgery, and I was pretty sick to my stomach from the antistatic.  I hate being put under.  Other then all that it was a piece of cake. 

I have been sleeping in my recliner, the doctor recommends it for the fist week, so you don’t roll over on the arm, and do some damage. 

We will be having breakfast this morning with the breakfast club, then heading back to the lake.  We do have to come back down in a week to see the doctor for my post op visit. 


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Jim and Bobbie said...

Glad the surgery went well for you. Hope you have a speedy recovery period. Bobbie