Friday, September 25, 2009

Dad And The Turkeys

Dad was released from the hospital last Sunday into a TCU (Transitional Care Unit), similar to a nursing home, only it is temporary.  He goes to physical therapy a couple times a day to build up his endurance. Then the rest of the day he pretty much rests.  He is doing better today, yesterday was a bad day for him, lots of pain.  We hope he will be going home on Wednesday.  He is looking forward to being in his own home again.  I spend most of my days with him, he likes the company, he gets pretty lonely. 

Mike has been busy working on the driveway, it gets a few ruts when it rains.  He’s filling the ruts with crushed blacktop.

P1040571 P1040576

Stormy has been busy doing what she does best.  Nothing.


We had a few visitors to the back yard they other evening.

P1040586 P1040596

This is our view from our MH, not bad.  There were 34 turkeys that wondered past us the other evening while we were sitting outside having a glass of wine.  As you can tell fall is coming the leaves are falling. 

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Glad your dad is on the mend. Great view from your MH. Bobbie