Monday, October 5, 2009

Dad is Home

Dad got the okay from the Transitional Care people to go home.  He was a gold medal winner in his physical therapy class.  He is able to go back to living on his own.  Many things have changed no more cutting his grass or snow blowing his driveway, he just does not have the strength for that any longer.  Keeping up on the house cleaning also will pose a problem, but I can take care of that.  He can fix his own meals, and so some simple housekeeping.  He is still very weak, but getting stronger. 

His life and our is getting back to normal once more.  Still not sure when we will or if we will be heading south for the winter.  Dad has many doctor appointments, cardiologist, oncologist, neurologist and maybe a few others that I don’t know about yet.. 

It is getting a bit chilly hear in MN the highs have only been in the low 50s and rainy.  A week ago are temps were in the high 70s and low 80s, to much of change for me.  It gets pretty cold in the MH by morning, guess who gets up early and starts the wave heater in the morning, not Mike. 


Jim and Bobbie said...

Sure hope you CAN get away and go South. We will be in Q, Yuma, Laughlin areas for the winter. Really hope we can meet up somewhere. Bobbie and Jim

Jorgito's dad said...

About 5 years ago when mom & dad moved from the house into their apartment we were able to convince them to hire a service that specializes in providing help to seniors. It was a hard sell for mother but we got them to start with simple help (occasional laundry, a little shopping trip) and eventually they came to depend on the service. When mother died last fall the eldercare service became even more a part of father's continued daily life. It has been a huge help to us - we can continue to be involved with father's life but we don't feel guilty if we aren't there for a Dr. appointment or if he needs some shopping done.