Friday, October 23, 2009

Snow, Snow and More Snow

Here we are still in Minnesota, and we have had the snowiest and coldest October ever.  Let me tell you our MH is not insulated at all and it gets plenty cold.  What ever happened to our fall and Indian Summer that we are so well know for.  It started snowing this morning and at 4PM still going strong.

Dad is doing pretty good, he finished up all his doctor appointments.  Not much they can do for him other than make him as comfortable as possible.  So far he has no unusual pain just his normal old age stuff, which we all have from time to time.  He does tire pretty easily , but as long as he doesn’t over do it he makes it through the day with a couple of naps.  

Dad did hire some help with his yard work and snowplowing, I was very happy about that.  Now I have to talk him into some help with the housework.  I will have to wait on that can’t push him, he likes his privacy.

Dad is doing so well we plan on heading south after Thanksgiving if everything works out.  I figure I can always fly home if need be.  My son Rich and his wife Marion spend Saturdays with him and daughter Sherry has breakfast with dad on Wednesdays.  

With dad doing so well, I have been filling in at the compost site.  Seems the H1N1 flu has made an appearance here.  I’m working  10 hours today, but it is snowing and cold so no big deal.  Not many people are showing up to drop off their yard waste in weather like this.  Catching up on my reading and my blogging, of which I fell behind on.  

P1040617A few Turkeys made their way thru the yard the other day, this one just stood and posed so pretty for me.

P1040633It has been so cold the cats think they have to be in the MH all day.  Tee Tee is the one standing up and sleeping and babe is laying down.  Stormy is hiding in the bedroom, she just does not appreciate my love of all animals.  I know your wondering were the 3rd cat came from, well she is another of the neighbors cats that I sort of adopted, Mike calls it fostering them, not adoption, they have to go home when we leave.  We'll see about that.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Good to see you are blogging again...miss hearing about your days. Hope to see you in Q come January. Bobbie