Friday, October 9, 2009

Revisiting Spain 2002


We haven’t been doing much here in MN since we left the lake Sept 5th. other then spending time with my dad.  I was going through some old photos and came acrosss of our month in Spain and Portugal in 2002. I have a theme going here, can you guess what it is. 

Chairman, Mike and Sandy  Madrid Tapa Bar 3

Our first evening in Madrid was spent on a tour of the Tapa Bars and our host was the Chairman of the Wellington Society.  He actually made the position up, basically he was a person that hired himself out to take you on the tour of the bars and you bought his drinks.  I can’t remember his name, but it was a wonderful tour, we had a blast with him.  A tapa bar serves what we call appetizers and were they good. 

P2070018Balloon Champagne Breakfast 2 

In the first picture we visited a Sherry factory in Jerez Spain.  Personally I don’t care for Sherry but it was very interesting.  The second picture I’m about to enjoy a glass of Champagne in Ronda, Spain after a hot air balloon ride Mike and I took.  Now that was an experience not soon forgotten.   This was our second ride in a balloon, the first was out of Afton MN.

Granada Plaza Nueva Madrid Night Out

I enjoyed a glass of wine in the first picture in Plaza Nueva, Granada, Spain.   The second picture is an evening out in Madrid. 

Cadiz Mike and Sandy Wine Sevilla Mike Lunch

Cadiz is were the first picture was taken and the second one was in Seville. We rented a car when we left Madrid, and visited many small towns on our way to southern Spain the visit our daughters family. 

Portugal Sinta Sandy Wine  

A glass of wine enjoyed in Sintra Portugal.  What a beautiful town Sintra was. 

Madrid First Night 

Our bartender is showing off pouring our wine   

P2010094 Madrid Bull Bar

The Bull Bar in Madrid, check out the tiles on the wall, they are all hand painted, very decorative.  This was a very interesting tapa bar.

Everyone that knows us know we enjoy our wine, and when your in a country that is know for delicious wines you have to enjoy them, and we did.  We spent 3 weeks traveling thru Spain and a week in Portugal, it was a trip of a life time.  We have been to Europe 2 other times and enjoyed them just as much.  We spent a month in Italy and two weeks in Pairs during the Christmas season visiting our daughter, son-in-law and grandkids.  


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