Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Birthday Celebration and Catching Up

Dad is still on the mend, seems to be getting stronger everyday.  He has a couple more follow up doctor appointments, in the next few weeks, and if everything looks good we will head south the 1st of December. 

Looking forward to leaving the cold north and seeing some sunshine.  We have had very little sun, in the month of October.  In fact it has been the 6th coldest and wettest October since they started keeping records..

A few weeks ago we went out to dinner with our son Rich and his wife to celebrate Rich’s birthday.  My youngest is 39, (I want to say my baby, but he reads the blog and might not appreciate being called the baby) no way could I be old enough to have kids that old.  I’m way to young, at heart anyway.  We went to one of favorite restaurants, Phil's Tara Hideaway.


They have the most amazing Greek menu and the food is to die for. 

We go to breakfast every Wednesday with dad and the breakfast club, and always have the best time.  There were 12 of us this past Wednesday, what a wonderful group of people.  They all read the blog so I have to say nice things, really the are all so kind.

Mike has been doing some work on the MH to get it ready for traveling, and I have been cleaning drawers and closets, trying to get things organized inside the MH. 

I should start my Christmas shopping soon.  I hate to shop, any kind of shopping, I really detest it all.  I also have been working a few days at the compost site, 10 hours today.  Next week I will put in a day or two, to help out.  Fall is a busy time of year hear, with all the leaves.  I personally think you should just let them blow into your neighbors yard, and let the neighbors worry about raking them.  The way the wind is blowing today the leaves could end up in the next county.

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