Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dad Is Home Again

Dad was released from the hospital late yesterday afternoon.  I would have liked him to stay another night, but you know how hospitals are, out you go.  He is still in so much pain and the blood has not dissolved in the lining of his stomach still looks like a large round ball in there.  Mike and I spent the morning with him, he is pretty weak, not getting around to good.

On to fun stuff, I have pictures of the kitty that stormy is training.

P1040553 P1040551

I’m not sure they will ever like each other.  In the first picture Stormy is hiding behind the pepper plant.  In the second one they are have the usual stand off. 

P1040563 P1040567

I know Stormy is thinking up ways to get this kitty out of her life.

As you know we rent our house to a very nice family John and A Her and their baby daughter, whose name slips my mind at the moment.  The property has plenty of room for us to still park our MH and not interfere with their lives.  They invited us for a traditional Vietnamese dish called Pho, on Sunday.  It was absolutely delicious.  


John is on the right with the big smile on his face.  Rick our other neighbor is in the lower right hand corner of the second picture.  He has also had us over for a couple of BBQs since we have been home.  They have been so great, they know I have been spending most of time with my dad and not feeding Mike.  Guess they think Mike might fade away.  It would take more then a few skipped meals for that to happen.

Tuesday evening after returning home from dads John and A brought over some of their home made egg rolls.  Mike and both love egg rolls and these were probably the best we ever ate. 

I have a dentist appointment in the morning and dad has a doctor appointment at 1, so should be another busy day.  Hopefully we will make it to the doctors this time, and maybe even have some good news for us about his heart. 

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