Monday, July 20, 2009

Cut And Run

Monday July 20th 2009.  Maplewood, MN

Today was the surgery on my  lower left arm and my left hand.  Everything went fine until I woke up.  I thought I would have a few band aids, and in a week I would just take the stitches out, or stop at the clinic near the resort and have the nurse remove the stitches.  Well guess not, I have a partial cast and the arm is wrapped from elbow to finger tips, and it is in a sling.  The Doctor said no one will do anything to it other then him.  So we will be back in 2 weeks to have the dressings and stitches removed.


I’m not in much pain, but then I’m taking lots of pain medication, and the arm is still pretty numb.  I could have been partially awake during the procedure, however I choose to be out.  No way did I want to know what was going on. 

We arrived at the surgery center at 10:30 and were home by 2:30.  I slept for a couple of hour before we went to our granddaughter Lizz'y’s 17th birthday party.  A nice celebration, dinner, cake and ice cream. 


Birthday girl with her boy friend Drew, they were trying to be cute.  Worked for me.

P1040113 P1040104

The Skinner’s.  Our son-in law Dave, grandson Matt, granddaughter Amanda and daughter Teresa. 

Our daughter Sherry has beautiful gardens in her yard.  She really has a green thumb. 

P1040118 P1040091

P1040096 P1040100 We call this small building Sherry’s doll house.

P1040123 P1040098

We are headed back to the resort Tomorrow, and looking forward to it.  It was a busy week with doctor appointments.  We did have fun spending time with all our kids.

Boy it takes a long time to do the blog when you type one handed. 


Chasingthe70s said...

Sandy I hope your arm heals up quickly.

I bet them kids didn;t think their picture would be posted all over the internet.

When you "hunt and peck" like I do it is almost as bad as typing with one hand. "but I am getting better/faster with my typing.

Mike and Sandy said...

Thanks for your concern Joe. The kids where told it was going to be on the blog, maybe it was after the pic was taken. Makes for future embarassing moments. Play safe and drive careful.