Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Last Night Of Fishing

Friday night was the last night for the Sherry and Ryan, they are leaving Saturday morning.  They caught a few crappie and one nice northern.  Mike, Gary and Sandy also caught a few fish.

P1030905 P1030906

Sherry does a pretty good job of cleaning the northern, she can get the y bones out with no problem. 

Saturday evening Al caught a nice bass 3 lbs. 8oz. 


Saturday was cabin cleaning day for me and Mike worked on the storage area.  Gordy and Mike made a pretty good dent in it, lots more to do.

We will be leaving the lake on Sunday for a few days. We have doc appointments for ourselves and I will be going with my dad to two of his doc appointments. 

Friends Sandy and Gary will also be leaving Sunday, they live close so we will see them again soon.  We had a blast with them for the four days they were there.  Sandy really enjoys fishing, so she went out with Mike every evening.  They always caught something.  


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