Sunday, July 26, 2009

Roll Over Day At The Resort

Saturday July 25th 2009 Big Balsam Camp and Resort

I had the day off from cleaning cabins, my arm is still not up to work.  Hopefully next week I will carry my share of the load.  I feel so bad when someone else has to do my job.  My parents brought me up with a pretty good work ethic, unlike many young people these days.  I like to do my job and do it well.  

I get a little testy with Mike at times, he says I’m ripping on him and if he was a piece of paper he would be confetti.  I get very frustrated, there are things I want to do and just not able, and Mike gets the blunt of my frustrations.  

It rained on and off most of the day.  It would rain then the sun would come out and get very humid.  Even had a few rainbows late in the afternoon. 

Pretty laid back day.  Most of my day I spent reading.  I finished reading Echo Burning by Lee Child.  I have read other books of his and found them very enjoyable.  This one got a little to wordy, great story and his characters are believable, but he just repeated things to much in this book.

I would like to do some beading, I have a few projects to finish up, but they will just have to wait for 9 more days. 


Mike’s sunset picture for the day.

Mike went fishing again tonight.  No fish were caught, but he did get some pictures of the wildlife. The pictures are a bit out of focus he had the camera and was driving the boat.  Multi tasking can be difficult for Mike. 

P1040177 P1040195

The deer had been swimming in the lake, but by the time Mike got the camera out and focused she was running away.  The Eagle could have been an awesome shot but again it’s hard to take pictures and handle the boat.  I think he got some pretty good shots under the circumstances.


This small channel connects our lake to a few other lakes.  Most of the wild life is spotted in the channels.  It’s better if you just sit and wait for them to show up.  

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