Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lunch With Family

Tuesday July 14th

Mike had lunch with his two sisters and Brother-in-law Leroy in Hastings, MN today.  They ate at a restaurant called the Bierstub, a great place to grab a beer, steak or a bratwurst.  I was not able to attend, I had another appointment, but I did have a pleasant visit with his sister Donna and her husband Leroy when they dropped Mike off at the MN. 


Mike, Leroy, Donna and Dyanne.  Good looking family.

Hastings is near the meeting of the Mississippi and St. Croix Rivers.  The town was named for the first governor of the State of Minnesota, Henry Hasting Sibley.

A spiral bridge was built in Hastings over the Mississippi River in 1895. It was built as a spiral to slow down the horse-drawn wagons from the opposite side of the river as it entered the downtown area. It was demolished in 1951, it just could not handle the heaver vehicles.  To bad they had to take the bridge down, but I guess in the 50s they were not into preserving history.  Progress was the name of the game.

Hastings 3 


The bridge that is used today.


This used to be the Court House, now is City Hall.

P1030931 Hastings has many historical buildings in the downtown area.  We have in the past spent the day just walking thru town and along the river. 


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