Thursday, July 2, 2009

Clouds But No Rain

Wednesday July 1, 2009. Big Balsam Camp and Resort

It warmed up a bit and the sun kept trying to come out.  Towards evening it had a little more success, we almost had a sunset.

Mike was fishing off the end of the dock and his NEW fishing reel came apart and the top fell in the lake.  Mike does not like the water and he is a freeze baby.  The only way to retrieve his reel is to get in the water.  With no sun  this past week the water is pretty chilly.  No swim suit for Mike he goes in fully clothed socks, shoes, jeans , shirt and hooded sweatshirt.  He was a site.  It took him three tries.  He would go part way in come out to cold try it again got a little further but still to cold.  The last try he made it to the end of the dock, with water just past his waist.  He looked for 5 minutes feeling around with his shoes.  He really thought he could find it that way, right, no such luck.  Came out empty handed.  You know what I was doing the whole time, right giving him a bad time, and taking pictures just for you.


This is the second try, the first try he only got to his knees.


 The third try.  He put the sweat shirt on, now he has to think about it and get really cold before he goes all the way.


Under the dock trying to feel the real with his shoes.  No luck.


Does this look like a happy man.  He just loved me taking the pictures.

The reel was retrieved later in the day by one of the kids staying at the resort.  Mike was very appreciative.

That was the best part of the day, everyone in the resort was entertained.

In the evening David and Joan, Al, and Carol and Augie (they are also spending the summer here in their trailer.) stopped over.  We sat around the campfire and told jokes and lies.   It was a fun day for me.  


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