Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gutting The Bathroom

Big Balsam Camp and Resort

Mike finished gutting (what a horrible word) the bathroom in cabin 6. He put down the new flooring yesterday and is installing the new shower today.  Gordy is painting the walls, which should have been my job, but my arm just is not up to it.

If anyone needs a bathroom remodel don’t call Mike unless you have a million dollars to pay him, then I will see that he does it.  Not his favorite job.

Jackie, Gordy and Al stopped over after dinner for a glass of wine, and the Turkey Buzzards showed up.  I think they were looking for Stormy, either that or they were looking for Gordy.  He feeds them the fish guts every day.  Guess they were hungry

P1040224 P1040223


Today started out cloudy and windy, the sun did come out in the afternoon.

P1040229Monday nights sunset.

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